[Vivid] Dunpa Mobile, PC version

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  • Game: Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

  • Developer: Neop

  • Category: Action RPG

  • Platform: PC, Mobile

  • Release date: March 24, 2022

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a mobile action game that originates Nexon's PC game 'Dungeon & Fighter'. I tried to make a development slogan with 'Action Pleasure' as a PC, and I tried to save the sensation of the dungeon and fighter in a manual manipulation, and there is a journey of adventurers in the Arad continent that the beautiful legend and miserable war coexist.

The player can play the number of ear inspection, fighting, girder, wizard, frist representative character, and 11 kinds of former characters, and 11 kinds of former character, and there are other different differential systems such as combo systems that use skills. With a PVP duel, you can also enjoy the hard-to-minded raid content that combines the strength of the power, and the core content of the original Dungeon & Fighter, such as avatar, is also implemented on the mobile platform.

Detailed information on Dungeon & Fighter mobile can be found through the official website.


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