Triangle Strategy validates its success with not far from 800,000 distributed copies

Of all the titles launched by Square Enix at the beginning of the year, Triangle Strategy is more and more like the good surprise of the lot. In addition to a good critic welcome, the latest name of the producer's team Tomoya Asano (Bravely Default, Octopath Traveler) approaches the 800,000 copies distributed worldwide, Announces Square Enix.

A first admirable distribution volume for a strategic role play, especially when compared to Bravely Default II who needed 6 months to reach the 950,000 sales on the same platform. The performance of Triangle Strategy is closer to more than one Octopath Traveler that had taken the Million Cap of less than a month after its global release.

Triangle Strategy - Stel je overtuigingen op de proef (Nintendo Switch) Note that Triangle Strategy has been particularly well received in Japan where it had exceeded the 100,000 sales on March 13 without even removing the dematerialized, according to Famitsu estimates. Square ENix indicates that Asia counts for more than 200,000 distributed copies.

As a reminder, producer Tomoya Asano had not waited for the first results of Triangle Strategy to renew his confidence in the 2D-HD treatment, which will soon benefit the remake of Live A live.


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