Tekken Bloodline: A lively series arrives on Netflix, it will be on Jin Kazama's youth

Tekken: Bloodline | Official Teaser | Netflix The video game continues and always interest and inspire cinema, TV series and SVOD platforms. Proof of proof with the announcement this weekend of an animated series Tekken, scheduled for the current of the year 2022. An ad that has been accompanied by a first trailer which specifies the history will focus on Jin Kazama, his youth and the relations he has spoken with his grandfather, the vile and not always very friendly Heihachi Mishima. Education at hard, without emotion, such is his leitmotiv and what will forge the character of Jin and his hatred towards him afterwards. If the scenario can be interesting, it is, however, much less seduced by the plastic of the work, which is cruelly lacking in quality at the level of its pencil (so of its artistic direction by extension), but also its animations enough poor. The trailer allows us to see other emblematic characters like Paul Phoenix, King and Leroy Smith.


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