Steam reveals: Nearest Playstation

With the opening SONYS in the direction of PC market, the console manufacturer has landed a real hit: Whether Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War - these former PS4-Kracher have also become a hit on Steam immediately. With Uncharted stands the next big gameplay on the plan. However, when exactly the Legacy of Thieves Collection appears, is not clear yet. But Steam could now have dropped a first indication of the publication.

When is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on the PC?

Since Sony is still covered, it can not be clearly said when uncharted finally finds its way to the PC. But Internal entries on Steam are now causing reason for speculation.

Because according to the founder of the Steam database SteamDB, the platform has now timestamp for the release date set by Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection. These are not visible to users of Steam, on the product page still stands only 2022 for publication (Source: Twitter).

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This internal entry sets the scheduled release time to the 15. July 2022 . Sony had so far confirmed that the PC version should come 2022. So far, this date is not. A screenshot even shows how the date appeared in the Launcher:

But caution also applies to let. Since creators of product pages must specify a planned date, it can also be a placeholder **. The game Atomic Hearts, for example, is the internal date 22 June 2022. While a current YouTube trailer shows that it will only appear from 2022 in the last four months.

Which releases of other games are there?

Incidentally, uncharted is not the only game in which these internal entries were disclosed. Next to the Sony title, there are the following games that have missed a timestamp:

  • Stray - April 19
  • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - May 26th
  • Oxenfree II: Lost Signals - June 30th
  • Sonic Frontiers - September 1st
  • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - September 22nd


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