"Shadow Warrior 3" is China! Japan! Ninja! Apparition! Goa! It is a super-gakish shooter mixed all! [Bakuple play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only "I don't know what kind of game!" And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto "as soon as possible", "explosion play repo".

This time, Flying Wild Hog has developed and Devolver Digital has been released on March 1, 2022 (Steam) / PS4 / Xbox One About the contents of live content for FPS " Shadow Warrior 3 " We will deliver.

# What is "Shadow Warrior 3"?

This work is a remake of the masterpiece FPS " Shadow Warrior " that 3D Realms produced " DUKE NUKEM 3D " is a remake of the FPS " SHADOW WARRIOR ", "Shadow Warrior" * * This is the latest work of the series.

China, like China, a strange world setting like Japan, a ninja......! Such a protagonist, Tobiri Goa expression, etc. are a high-speed shooter that is attractive. It is also a feature that it has been reborn from " Shadow Warrior 2 " that has been introduced from Hakusura Element / Multiplayer, etc., and it has been reborn with a simple play shooter for single-way single-way play, like " 1 ".

The Lo Wang of the main character runs to prevent the collapse of the world, over the dragon who has been called to the last of the previous work "2". It is completely a continuation thing from the previous work, but something...

  1. If Lo Wang defeats the previous boss......

  2. A dragon sealed has been called......

  3. Now the world is difficult!

You should be grasped before playing. There is no problem because it will explain the synopsis and the current situation until the previous work firmly in the opening.

# Close to the contents of "Shadow Warrior 3"!

A devil called HOJI that appeared for the previous work, and the previous work? The story starts from the place where you tried to defeat the dragon that has been resurrected before the mask of the buddy's shape. Since monocell is the player's tutorial at the same time, the past history and basic operation will be learned simultaneously.

Important points in this game, it is left-click and shooting! Right click and a sword! that's all! Anyway left-click to shoot the gun that is present, and right click and shake the sword. If you defeat the enemy with a gun, recovery is an important point in capturing usage because the ammunition can be obtained when the enemy is defeated with a sword.

If you make a group of enemies one acting, you will be yellowish and slammed with the "evil ivy", disappears with shooting or slashing and will be advanced. Even in good sense, The basics are repeated.

Besides, in the tutorial, two-stage jumps, an aerial dashes, and a green ivable part can be a wall run, and if you press the C key, you can tell me that you can use a keen wave that blows away the opponent.

As you proceed with the game, you can get the equipment that enables grapping at the early stage, and more speed. Not only for movement, but also the combustion barrels are drawn during combat, and the enemy itself is hooked and the distance is packed at a stretch and the width of the action extends.

Such an orbs seen on the way. There are two types, and can be used to upgrade guns and characters, respectively.

Guns have various reinforcement items by increasing the ammunition limit or new performance. Since the required orbs needed each time repeatedly repeating, it is likely to think that it is necessary to strengthen one weapon and strengthen everything in one point.

The feeling of this game, it does not have nothing to do with anthropy. It is prepared to enjoy the root pleasure of the shooter, which will quickly process the enemies that appear from all directions with the appropriate weapons.

By the way this game, No reload is required . In terms of exactly, reloads are available and you can use it. However, if you switch the weapon, you will be a hospitality of the magazine as soon as possible. "What is Reloading something. Other weapons usable, other weapons! Other weapons!" In fact, thanks to this system, it will be fired instantly if it is shot, rather than continuing to use the same weapon until the reload is acquired. Furthermore, we will also be born at the same time as a strategic such as "Targeting this kind of compatible enemy because it switched to this weapon".

Next, the existence of " finisher ". When you defeat the enemy, collect the "finisher orb" will increase the gauge, and you will be able to use the finisher that can defeat the enemy with a blow. Answer answer can not be defeated by no use, as well as the bonus called " Goa Tools ". This goal tool, almost all the enemies, is provided with a weapon, for example, the enemy (see above photo) that fly ice (see the picture above) can be used as a core and can be used as ice grenade.

In addition to the other huge hammers, drills, and slashing swords, as a weapon that matches the enemy is obtained, the pinch of the emergence of strong opponents is simultaneously a powerful weapon get chance **. There is a limit to a huge enemy, the finish gauge is required, but there is a limit, but it has the ability to change the war situation by feeding out at the timing here.

Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay - PC | All Executions (Part 1) Anyway, this work is taken to be focused on what you want to enjoy fighting. I want to live in a battle like the " Serious Sam " series and 2016 edition " DOOM " series! It is recommended for those who are attracted to the world settings like China and Japan. "Shadow Warrior 3" is usually launched with 4,900 yen for normal edition, Sandra, in-game skin, and digital artbook with digital artbook, with 5,910 yen.

  • Title: "SHADOW WARRIOR 3"

  • Compatible models: PC (Windows) / PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE

  • Play model in articles: PC (Windows)

  • Release Date: March 1, 2022

  • Author play time for article writing: 3.5 hours

  • price

    • STEAM: 4,900 yen (normal version) · 5,910 yen (Digital Deluxe Edition)
* PS4: 5,170 yen (member is unnecessary for additional costs and can be played until July 5)

* Xbox ONE: 5,850 yen


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