Schweinfurt vs. Würzburg: Derby with a view towards DFB

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - FC Würzburger Kickers | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22 In the coming season, you might meet in the regional league Bayern, in the current thing this only works in the Toto Cup: At the last quarter-final game to be removed, the hospitative division FC Schweinfurt 05 - in the Tableau already encounter 18 points behind ascent rank one - and the acute abandoned Third division Würzburger Cups in Sachs Stadium.

The bright spot for both: Participation in the DFB Cup 2022/23 on the profit of the Toto Cup. Schweinfurt coach Tobias Strobl is aware of this: "We know that we too are in the bringing debt," he said at "FUPA". "We have not been able to fulfill the hopes and expectations this season. (...) I hope we can hide all and have the support from our fans." The winner of the Mainfränkischen Derby, which will take place before 4,000 to 4,500 spectators, meets the semi-finals on the Regionalligists FV Illertissen, who could turn off the SPVGG Bayreuth. In the other encounter, the TSV Aubstadt receives the TSV 1860 Munich.

"At the end of the day, the Cups have to lose more"

Strobl is also as quoted in front of the game on the club website of the "Schnüdel": "If we put the viewing angle on it, that we are a power and extremely difficult to beat at home, then we do all of ourselves. That's what we need. And it is a completely different competition. At the end of the day, the Cups have more to lose. They are the third division and are in the delivery debt. "

Strobls opposite, Cups coach Ralf Santelli, said, however, Via "FUPA": "It's a Derby with a great character and we will surely expect a great atmosphere. The emotions will be very high, I expect more fight instead of class. We are allowed to fight the fans at no case disappointed. " The Cups must be careful about their former scorer Adam Jabiri - The 37-year-old leads the ruler list of the Regionalliga Bayern at 21 hits with a clear lead.

Memory of 2018 and the green table

As a reminder: in September 2018 Schweinfurt won his home game in the second round of the Toto Cup in front of 5600 spectators on the green lawn with 3: 1 against the Cups. At the green table, the game was then considered a few days later in favor of the FWK - the "Schnüdel" had violated the U-23 regulation, Würzburg then filed protest.


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