Schalke 04: Peter Kübel confirms talks with Clemens Tönnies

After the release of coach Dimitrios Grammozis, the FC Schalke 04 stands in front of a internationally internationallyy new beginning. The separation of Gazprom as a result of the Russian attack war on Ukraine also heavily shaken the economic foundation of the association. internationally internationallys Management Peter Kübel still remains combative.

"First, we also have the same ambitions with less budget and, secondly, we are confident in view of the many positive talks we have led after the end of the partnership with Gazprom, that we will close the financial gap," announced the 55-year-old in an interview with the "kicker".

Schalke had separated last week by the financially fixed main sponsor. The state company maintains close relationship with the Russian government, which is currently being radiated internationally internationally internationally internationally internationally internationally.

"Red line exceeded" for FC Schalke 04

Gazprom had acted on Schalke since 2007 as a main sponsor and repumed allegedly up to ten million euros a year in the association - a mainly for the 2nd Bundesliga exorbitant sum.

As Knäbel stressed, the separation was just because of the financial scope a well-thought-out step.

"We were very well prepared because we have defined a red line for us personally and as a panel since the beginning of the crisis. This was far and irreversibly exceeded with the attack of Russia on Ukraine and the beginning of a pointless and destructive war," the Functionary clearly.

In the days before the dismissals, legal and financial details have been comprehensively tested, so beches, which is firmly expecting that Schalke also receives the license for the coming season without the Gazprom million.

Joy about offer from BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Watzke

Schalke-Boss Clemens Tönnies tritt zurück – Er hielt dem Druck nicht länger stand

The reason for this is that with the residential company Vivawest "in record time" a new partner was found. "Our employees did a big job, for whom there is a thank you here," Knäbel said.

The Schalke Boss was also happy about the industry's many explorations from the industry. For example, BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke in his role as a DFL Supervisory Board had brought financial support for the scarce into play, the Gazprom exit should endanger the club.

"In such moments, the importance of the association for the German football overall and the DFL in particular is shown. In the end there is a strong league of strong brands," said Knäbel.

He confirmed contact with ex-supervisory board Clemens Tönnies in the course of the separation of Gazprom. "How many Schalke also wanted Clemens Tönnies. There was a telephone exchange with Bernd Schröder (S04 board board, note d. Red.)," Taught Knäbel.


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