PSN DOWN and PS Plus are not detected for many players

Update: While the PSN is not down for everyone, it seems that Sony today has real challenges with its servers. More specifically, there seems to be a problem with regard to PS plus authentication, making the games that require a subscription for temporarily unplayable multiplayer.

PlayStation Japan has recognized the problem and we imagine that other Sony regional departments will follow.

Playstation Plus Servers Down PS5 PS4 Update Fix 2022

Original story: The PlayStation Network is currently meeting problems, according to a number of users.

Online feature seems to work properly for us at the moment, but nearly a thousand players submitted a report to the Downdector website in the last two hours. At the time of writing this article, Sony has not recognized any server failure and the official PSN status web page indicates that everything works normally. Some suggest that this has something to do with the last firmware update for PS5, as well as PS4, but nothing is still certain.

We will of course keep you informed if an official statement is made on these PSN issues reported. You can not connect to your online games on PS5 and PS4? Tell us in the Comments section below.


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