Lol: 3 not so hidden secrets of the minions that maybe you do not even be diamond

Even though everything in League of Legends is a _ ** minion _ and that it is the first golden source of the game, many people may not know everything about them. We are not talking about last-hit, which is that ability that we first try to learn in the title, but of statistics and knowledge in view of almost everyone... but they are not at all known by most players. Let's review several interesting things about the subjects you do not have to know.

The minions are diesel

If I ask you about whether a minion is faster or slower than a champion, you probably have it clear. You will think of that boot of the games in which you do that of "the plan" to the subjects. But you will not know when in the longest games you have to tackle ground to find the waves and power pushear.

This is because the speed of movement of the subjects is not static . This statistic changes over time through the following formula: 325 + 25 for every 5 minutes between 10 and 25. From there we stayed at 425, above some champions, including boots.

The minions almost never tied

What happens if there are no champions in a game of League of Legends? Because one of the sides wins, although this phenomenon is completely random. What happens if we let the minions end up while there are champions playing and going up level? Well this is already more complicated to explain. Because yes, subjects also rise from level .

Of course, it does it in a special way. Since they do not earn experience, they upload level through a system as simple as ingenious. The minions are always found at the average level among all the champions of your team. If there are two players at 13, one to 14 and two to 15, the _minions will be at level 14. This applies to the basic statistics that define them: attack, life, and in the case of mele, armor.

a bug, priorities and a first pacifist surge

A year and a half ago we highlight a play from the Chinese player Knight in which he hit the rival of him with Leblanc in a very particular way. In the video you can see how he synchronizes him with those of the rival subjects, managing to avoid the targeting of them, which is always produced between him attacks. Shortly after he clarified that it was a bug and that it was not perfectly reproducible, although it is possible.

Even with that, it is interesting to be able to talk about the priority of attacks of the subjects, something that we do not all have clear. This is today's priority and that will serve you to understand these little beings:

  1. Enemy champions attacking an ally champion.
  2. Enemy minions attacking an ally champion.
  3. Enemy minions attacking an minion ally.
  4. Enemy turrets attacking a minion ally.
  5. Enemy champions attacking an ally _minion.
  6. The nearest enemy _minion.
  7. The nearest enemy champion.

Despicable Me 3 | Gru vs. Balthazar Bratt Although perhaps the most interesting thing is that the first wave behaves differently . Unless they are beaten, or provoked by hitting an ally, these first subjects ignore the rival champions. This fact is scheduled so to prevent an enemy from burning in the jungle and keeping the subjects at half a line, creating a favorable thrust situation.


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