Hansonjin, Content IP Industry Activation Advisory

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing] The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee, Lee, Doo - Min), I started.

The Content IP Activation Advisory Committee is designed to respond preemptively to industrial geographical changes that are reorganized for content IP. Advisory Committee ▲ Animation ▲ Cartoon · Webtoon ▲ Characters · GOODS (GOODS) ▲ Game ▲ Broadcasting, video, media ▲ Music entertainment ▲ Story ▲ Regional content ▲ It is made up of industry and academia specialist in 10 areas.

The Advisory Committee plans to diagnose the characteristics of IP business due to industry changes by each field in the first meeting, and to identify policy demand for the field. Based on this, we also discuss how to establish a content IP Industrial Promotion Integration Policy Roadmap.

Furthermore, we will discuss the "Content IP Fair (tentative) 'promotion direction and implementation plan, and industry cooperation. The content IP fair that the text hosts and the Hansonjin will be aimed at Asia's largest IP comprehensive business fairs that arose the field of content and will be composed of industry-centric B2B programs such as content IP exhibition, beadmatch, conference, showcase, and event..

Intellectual Property: Challenges in Business Transactions

"The Content IP is a key factor for industrial activation, and it has been changing the terrain of the content industry, which has recently crossed the various media and platforms," ​​said Cho Hyun-rae. " Content IP will take advantage of K-content global expansion. "


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