CSGO - The controversial Blast decision for the war in Ukraine: Russia runs out of counter

Russia has been banned de facto by one of the great organizers of Tournaments of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Blast has announced by means of its social networks that Russian teams competing in CIS (independent states region) will not be invited to their tournaments. A measure that will accompany a total suspension of the qualifying circuit in this area of ​​the world. This measure will affect, first, to the important Blast Spring Showdown that classifies its spring end and distribute together more than half a million dollars in prizes.

A controversy average against the CS: Go Russia

Why Does Russia Want To Invade Ukraine Now? With this measure, they remain impendingly disqualified from one of the most important tournaments of the organizations settled in Russia. However, ten more countries would be affected by the lack of qualifiers. The most damaged clubs will be GAMBIT ESPORTS , virtus.pro or entropiq . All of them come from playing the recent IEM Katowice that resolved with Victoria for FAZE and lose their short-term competitive opportunities in BLAST tournaments. So far, the rest of the organizers have not taken similar measures.

Counter-Strike competition enthusiasts: Global Offensive have been divided with respect to the measure. Just a few days ago, Natus Vincere was unchecked from hostilities Ensuring the spectators of Spodek Arena that "The players have nothing to do with respect to the opinions of a government" and pointed to his companions (among whom There are three Russians) as "verdadoeros (...) _ that they want peace for Ukraine and for everyone." It should be noted that Na'vi has not been banned from the BLAST tournaments when settled in the invaded country.

The BLAST measure with respect to the CS: Go Russian emulates the decisions made in the last hours by the great estates of world sport. Russia has been disqualified with an immediate effect of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and the Basketball Eurolestone has done the same with several teams of the competition. Punishment measures that they want Costrate internal supports to Vladimir Putin to which it has also wanted to join Blast.


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