Call of Duty Warzone: Update weakens strong weapon & screws to Vanguard Royale

Call of Duty Warzone got a new update donated. The developers of RAVEN Software share the patch Notes about their website. The list of changes and innovations is quite extensive. In the foreground of the update is a Nerf for the strong assault rifle XM4 from Black Ops Cold was . Here, the neck multiplier from previously 1.5 drops to now 1.33. At the purchase stations of Vanguard Royale you discover again the reconnaissance drone again: The price is $ 9,000 and $ 3,000 above the advantage.

Bugfixes and Bren Update

The new Warzone Update 1.54 also plays additional bug fixes. The Patch Notes shows that developers have resolved further collision problems and exploits on the Caldera map. In addition, there are adjustments of individual elements in the chemical factory, which should contribute to better performance. There is also an update for the BREN: The 705mm run should now calculate the damage range as intended.

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The update is rounded off changes to Vanguard Royale, which is available again for all squad sizes tonight in the playlist rotation. Here, the basic health value from 100 to 150 rises. The playlist update available from 19 clock also brings the Mode Iron Trials in the Duo Varianme for Rebirth Island. The last team left in the battles wins the game. For this purpose, the developers already announced the launch of the current season.

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