Nintendo announces a new Direct for tomorrow at 23:00

Nintendo has announced a new Direct , your videocormat dedicated to the screwed screens. The presentation will be issued tomorrow, February 9, at 23:00, Spanish peninsular time.

In the video there will be, says the press release, "about 40 minutes of games centered on games for Nintendo Switch that will arrive in the first half of 2022." In the official communication, it is not anticipated, yes, no specific title.

Yes we have some titles placed in that first half. Soon Triangle Strategy arrives, the tactical RPG of Square Enix, which will reach the hybrid at the beginning of March; Also Chocobo GP, from the same Square Enix, a week later. The great launch first party of the month of March is Kirby and the forgotten land, which will surely be seen here. In April are Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp and the port of the Great 13 Sentinels: Aegis RIM; From that we have analysis and an spoilercast in which we speak thoroughly about the vanillaware game.

What We'll See at TOMORROW'S Nintendo Direct February 2022 In the marshy territory of rumors there are more things that are worth catching with tweezers, such as the sequel of 1-2-switch, from which he speaks on his blog the normally reliable Zippo. If you have entered Twitter today you have surely seen Silksong out there, as always that there is a Direct nearby.

By here, as it is almost comically obvious, we want to see Bayonetta 3, although in fact any surprise for this first half of the year will be welcome; The Splatoon have always been May games, so who knows if we do not finish this presentation with a more accurate date for the expected third party.


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