Lost ARK: Where do I get access tickets for dice and boss

Who studied our Overview to the Endgame of Lost Ark , who knows: There are two challenges for which your character needs to deliver more than "only" a specific ITemlevel. For the three cubes of examination of fate and the boss-noise modes hall of silence as well as hall of the sun you have to get the associated access tickets. Since in the chat constantly askers to ask where you get this, there's now a guide to the "tickets" of the two instance types.

Requirements for dice and boss-noise

Lost Ark: In the "Boss Rausch" you expect a total of 15 waves made of boss grey. You may only enter the instance with a ticket. Source: Lost Ark first again the fundamental conditions for all dice and boss-noise challenges:

  • Examination of Fate - Dice: Itemlevel of 302 or higher plus access sticket
  • Examination of Fate - Elite Cube: ITemlevel of 802 or higher plus access sticket
  • Examination of Fate - Dimension Cube: Itemlevel of 1.302 or higher plus access sticket
  • Hall of the silence: Itemlevel of 802 or higher plus access sticket
  • Hall of the sun: Itemlevel of 1.302 or higher plus access sticket

What exactly awaits you in the five game modes, you will learn in our endgame overview .

How do I get access tickets?

The access tickets for the tests of fate and boss-noise can happen by chance in each chaostrap. As soon as you find such an access stick, there's an accompanying tutorial quest that leads you to the new endgame challenge. The drop chance is unfortunately quite low, so you have to expect some runs before you get a ticket to face. Lost Ark: About chaosdoons you can farm the tickets. Source: Lost Ark Luckily, there is an alternative way to come to access tickets. Visit a dealer for Sylmael blood stone exchange, for example Tiella in the palace of Luterra. There you can exchange the Sylmael Blood Teams on Guild Activities under the third rider "Access Book" against chests that can get silver or access tickets. However, you can only buy these boxes if you have already learned for your guild the appropriate guild shop research level (level 1, 3 or 5 - depending on the box) and with your character has the appropriate ITemlevel (ITemlevel 302, 802 or 1,302 - each to box). You can also buy the boxes only once a week.

Ticket for platinum fields

As already explained in our Guide to the crafts of Lost Ark , there is another final game challenge for which you need a ticket: the platinum fields. This is a zone where you can find a lot of plants, ores, fungi and Co. and which requires an average IMLevel of 250 of you next to the ticket. The trick of this content: you only have 15 minutes to collect as many resources as possible.

Lost Ark 2021 First Impressions For this, you do not use any employment (but also does not receive experience points for your crafts). In addition, you can get special platinum resources in the zone and bring to the starting area to unlock useful bonuses or restore all resources in the area. Mean: With the items in the luggage you can not fight. However, the zone is full of opponents. Incidentally, tickets for the platinum fields are also happening if their resources collects.

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