LOL: When do Krü Esports and Malvinas Gaming play at La League Master Flow 2022?

The day of January 28 of the Liga Master Flow had an important meeting for KRÜ ESPORTS . The template of the Coscu ARMY did not have a debut with victory, in fact, they still do not get a point in the regular phase. Once contrary to Malvinas Gaming, its rival and one of the new clubs at maximum Argentine competition. While he has a defeat, he went well stopped at the meeting of WAP ESPORTS. I was looking for the third place.

The adjustment in the calendar became official through a publication in social networks. "Following a cut in the electricity supply in the area of ​​ Malvinas Gaming , the match against Krü ESPORTS will not be played at today's day," reads in the media of the Master Flow league. "Consequently, WAP ESPORTS vs. Boca Juniors Gaming Go ahead as the next game," he added. About the forward encounter, Boca Juniors Gaming came victorious to keep the streak undefeated. Currently leads the table of positions with a 3-0 next to UALÁ Pampas .

Moments later, the official calendar of the MASTER FLOW 2022 league was updated with the new date. KRÜ ESPORTS will play against Malvinas Gaming on February 1 At the point of 15:00 mx / 16:00 CO / 18:00 AR / CL / 22:00 is. It will be transmitted into the official channels of the Argentine LVP, seeking everything to take place in order to follow the second week on February 2. In it, Krü Esports will play against UALÁ NEW PAMPAS, Leviatán Esports (February 3) and Undead BK (February 4). It is obliged to take the points if you want to maintain the campaign towards the qualifiers. Being a competition of 12 teams, ending up in Top 8 guarantees playing the best of five.

Kru Esports vs Uala Pampas [PARTIDA COMPLETA] Liga Master Flow 2022

The Master Flow league is one of the steps towards the Latin America League 2023. The Champion of the Clausura season has a ticket to regional latam sur , which in turn sends a set of promotion / relegation.


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