Introduce a full-scale gamer type diagnosis that can be done in 5 minutes! What kind of gamer?

What kind of gamer is everyone? "Gam spark (hereinafter referred to as the Hardcore Gemer General Elections," has been planned for the "Hardcore Gamer General Election".

On the other hand, some articles that have been published include a measure title such as "Pokemon Legends Alceus", and some of the readers may have casual gamers.

"Gamers" With the evolution of the modern alarm platform, the gamer classification method is in complication. There will be few people who define yourself as "what gamer" and what the difference between other gamers, "I do not know yourself."

So we will introduce the "Gamer Motivation Profile **" diagnostics that Quantic Foundry offers as "Full-scale gamer diagnosis that can be done in 5 minutes".

Table of Contents

  1. About Quantic Foundry and Gamer Machine Model

  2. How to proceed with "gamer motive profile" diagnosis

  3. Viewing diagnostic results

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# QUANTIC FOUNDRY and Gamer Machine Model

Quantic Foundry is a market study company focusing on gamer motivation. The combination of social sciences and data science is analyzing what gamers choose to motivate.

Nick Lee, the company's founder, Nicholas Duseno has a social science and computer science academic background, and he acquired a Ph.D. in the University of Stanford University and University of California and Berkeley. Both have a paper written about "World of Warcraft" and I was involved in Gamer behavioral research with Euby Isoft, respectively, before establishing a company.

Such a "gamer motive model" has established from 850,000 data. This model is based on psychological measurement techniques such as factor analysis and statistical methods, including documents, factor analysis and statistical methods, including documents used for academic purposes. In addition, diagnosis used to collect gamers' profile data collection seems to have seen the character evaluation model "Big 5" widely used in the psychology field and a moderate correlation (R = 0.73).

According to the "Gamer Machine Model", the gamer is roughly six motives (actions, social, domination, achievement, immersive, creativity). In addition, Quantic Foundry announces these motivation based trends found from data collection, etc. in 2019 Game Developers Conference. For example, looking at a challengable game among "domination", young people are more than men and gradually decreased by 40s. It is said that there are many women in the vicinity of the 50s.

The "gamer motivational profile" diagnosis linked to these discovers is provided free of charge, and the user has its own "favorite game trend" in about 5 minutes, "the difference between the average gamer", "recommended game" It is possible to know.


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