Grankya moved to Enipel, Yeoksam-dong Center field

Enpell said on July 7, Seoul Yeoksam-dong Tehran, the Yeoksam-dong Center field, was transferred from the POSCO Tower to the Yeoksam-dong Center field.

The center field office that the Enpose of Enpace cells consists of three layers of 3 layers, and a separate resting space such as a dedicated area of ​​600 square meters, a dedicated area of ​​600 square meters per layer, and a separate resting space such as in-house cafes. In addition, individual motion desk and Hermmiller chair are paid.

At the new office, about 500 employees work, and Grander is a block chain based project, which is a block chain using its IP, with domestic and Japanese services, global entry, and the NFT business. In addition, Chrono Odyssei, aimed at making the aim of exploring the aim of disclosure of the year.

[POSCO] Gwangyang Works (Eng. version)

Encap Cell officials explained that about the previous year, "the investment in competition to maximize the performance in the competitive game market through" qualitative growth and excellence in the business expansion. "

Established in September 2017, Enpell was recognized in August, and won the Korean Games' industry's shortest period 'Unicorn company'. Last year, 121% of the previous year's employment growth was recorded and won the Minister of Employment of the Employment Labor '


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