Tom Holland discovered uncharted games thanks to Spider

On day last night, Sony carried out its presentation on the occasion of CES 2022. Here not only revealed PlayStation VR2, but it was also present tom Holland to show us a new movie clip of uncharted, and talk a little more On the role of him within this future feature film.

As you know, Holland will play Nathan Drake in the Live-Action adaptation of Uncharted, but it was not until spider-man: homecoming that the actor really began to pay attention to the games. In the words of Holland :

I had not discovered games until I started working at Spider-Man: Homecoming. One of the advantages that work in these films is that they are made by Sony, and Sony is PlayStation. So all the cameramen of the actors were equipped with the best televisions and the new PlayStation, and one of the games that I got was uncharted.

Holland continued to say that he and the best friend of him passed the free time playing uncharted, to the point that even came a moment where he did not want to continue filming spider-man for playing.

As soon as we started playing we could not stop. I remember that they wanted to take me out from the dressing room, and I told them 'no no no no, we're about to end this mission.'

Uncharted will come to Film Rooms The next February 17.

Uncharted - Official Trailer (HD)

Editor's Note: At least Holland could have played video games and has an idea of ​​how Nathan Drake should behave, but anyway I have the feeling that Uncharted movie will not come out well. Luckily, it is no longer missing for its premiere, so we can verify it on its own.


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