The setting will get accompanied by Hearthstone

Update 22.2, which will be made available on January 25 in Hearthstone, contains a large novelty in the statute, plenty of modifications in clashes, balance changes in the standard and wilderness, as well as a new building in the village of mercenaries.

The companion with the setting is a special site, unique to any hero. It was designed for synergy with a style of playing a given character. The companions are played like ordinary collars, but you can not buy them in the store. Instead, each hero has so-called The companion counter, which is filled up during the fighting phase every time the hero will come to the fight, tasping off enemies, turn the divine shield, will win a fighting phase or finish it a draw.

In every turn, the player also receives a small bonus for the number of collars held at the beginning of the fight. You can distinguish 3 types of pace in which accompanies; Those from lower levels are gaining faster than those of the higher ones. There is also a completion limit of the companion in a given round so that none of them appears too fast.

The companion counter is divided into two sections. Full of the first of them makes 1 copy of the companion of a given hero hits the player's hand. The full filling provides 2 copies. When both sections are filled, the accompany counter breaks and is no longer available until the end of the match. Even if the player managed to get 3 pieces of companion or on the way sold his copies!

A training square will appear in mercenaries. This is a new space in a village that allows merceners to passively gain experience, while the player performs orders to other mercenaries, plays in other modes and even sleep! Just go to the training square, choose the mercenary to train and leave it there for as long as you want.


Look at him sometimes to pick up the accumulated PD and see how it deals. If you think that the mercenary is ready to set off on the road, you can take it from the square at any time. Training Square costs: 100 pcs. Gold for construction (with one training site) and 200 pcs. Gold for improvement (up to two training places).

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