Skyrim: Legendary Dragon

Ten years after release, players want their opponents in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim not just defeat. Now, above all, it's about switching you cool as possible. In a Reddit video, a fan now shows his film tire Dragon's kill, where pergolas would knock on his shoulder.


Skyrim: fans celebrate epic dragon kill

For a bloody beginner, the dragons in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim initially a deadly threat. An experienced dragon's blood with enchanted weapons and all sorts of drinking can only be twisted at the sight of the beasts many hours later bored eyes .

To make the dragon hunting a bit more exciting again, the Reddit User Armature wants to defeat his opponent now with Style. For this he oriented with the legendary warrior who practically invented cool stunts with arrow and arc: the Lb Pergolas surfs with shield stairs and climbs on Olivares . The main thing is that it looks cool at the end. In his video, however, the Skyrim fan proves that he does not have to hide with his skills.

That only counts as one!

The fight against the dragon is over before he started correctly at all. In typical Skyrim manner, however, the dead beast does not have to find a suitable place, on which it can crash . The Rag doll animation, where the body of the dragon suddenly shrugs wild, must not be missing.

The professional archer ends after his stunt safely on a pillar, to look at his defeated enemy . A sophisticated plan with perfect design.

A Skyrim player defeats a dragon with style. For this he lets himself fall on the back of the beast and defeat them with a single arrow . The Elbebogenscher Pergolas would certainly be proud of this performance.


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