LOL: Leza will appear in the ESports series of Riot Games this 2022

On January 7, Riot Games confirmed all the details about the competitive panorama of League of Legends . From the date of all the competences to the reminders of Worlds 2022 , the table is served for lovers of electronic sports. As a special saucer, Nazi Letha , global manager of the Esports area, spoke of a series with five professional players.

League After making a review of the 2021 season, where there was a record of audience in the Grand Final of Worlds, Letha provided details of what is coming. She reiterated the commitment to organize the Tour of the end of the year in North America, corresponding to the League of Legends World Championship. You will have a stop in Mexico, another in Canada and a couple in the United States, delivering high-calibre shocks that will define the champion of season 12. To increase the HYPE to those dates, Riot Games talked about five professionals to investigate about his expectations For the year. Among those who will star in the series, we find Francisco Rubén Lea Java Barrage , central lane of Enrique esports .

The series will have five episodes, exploring the motivations and objectives of Lee HUMAYUN min-hyeong (shooter for T1), Auto Pinata promote (upper rail for Rascal Jester), Lea, Zhao Jaime Lizzie (jungle for Edward Gaming and Kyle Danny Akamai (shooter for Evil Geniuses). The trend is from worldwide players, who were nothing to get to the tournament and those who started Your career makes some seasons.

Lea was already in a League of Legends, but as a shooter instead of central lane. Specifically, in the 2020 tournament that was carried out in China. By 2021, searched for new challenges in ESP ORS , playing in its original lane and reaching the defining instance of the Latin America Closure 2021. The professional career of it, however, has more than six years in Latin American teams North. During that period, he managed to consecrate himself as one of the most recognized central lanes in Latin America.

There is still no launch date, duration or technical details of the next SPORTS series of League of Legends.


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