CSGO: Dev1ce will be absent for a longer time and nip already search alternate

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in the process of starting its 2022 season, celebrating competitions in various parts of the world. One of them is BLAST Premier with its spring edition, receiving several teams in its group stage. Among them Ninjas in Pajamas , which will go through some specific changes.

By the end of the year, Ninjas in Pajamas had to make an adjustment in its holder template. Nicolai Device Reed reported health problems that complicated you to be present in the latest competitions, calling Love ⁠fly⁠ Smidebrant as a substitute. The results were a subcampeonate in IEM Winter and a 7th -8° place in Blast Premier: World Final, falling in front of Astral is.

By starting the rest period, a rumor that shared Dev1CE's alleged interest in returning to Astral is. Same that he was commented by the same player in social networks, demoting him and assuring that he would return to the court with the current club of him. However, reports of 1pv.fr and Desert advanced that the Danish star requires more time to recover. As a result, Ninjas in Pajamas is evaluating the possible integration of Jack ⁠Jacking⁠ Strum as a starter.


Jacking joined FANATIC in January 2021, but the results were not the best. Except for the subcampeonate in CS Summit 7, the European Organization had difficulties in maintaining a constant strike of Top 4 in the competences. With the renovation of the club at the end of the year, Jacking passed to the bench. In the 1pv.fr and desert report, Ninjas in Pajamas confirmed that will play for its Squander Academy Young Ninjas , with the possibility that he will hold after BLAST Premier. It should be mentioned that there is still no definitive decision and PHY can still continue playing as a substitute for Device.

In that twitter thread, Device shared that he was taking a free time to attend to him mental health. Ninjas in pajamas was comprehensible, allowing him to be inactive. At the time of publishing the note, the Danish player has not commented more about it.

Device played for Astral is from 2016 to April 2021 . He went on to Ninjas with the intentions of looking for new airs and reliving the good streak of victories of him. Unfortunately, although the results were not bad, they were not surprising either.


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