WMADID, the second block chain of Light Control,

[Data provided: MADRID]

Block chain game professional developer light cone new (tentative) Women's onboarding decision

Introducing the P & E element, take a token with the charging and the character trading with NFT

Lect#49 RS Logix Pro Simulator  two way traffic Lights Project

The MADRID has signed a platform-based on-boarding contract, a blockchain of the game (tentative).

The Light Condition is a professional developer of the game, which is a game professional developer who has developed the (Rice of Stars), which has already been scheduled for Worms onboard.

is a block that is a blocked blockchain with collected RPG and TCG. Based on the won of high quality, a beautiful girl character, each character, collects individual given cards per character. P & E elements that take PVP with a characterized character, which acquire a token through it.

All characters can be transactions between users with NFT, and new characters can be created through synthesis. In addition, it is emphasized that 'collection', which is an important factor in TCG, thereby emphasizing NFT on collection and transactions.

The Light Wonder soon ROS> is a second blockchain of light cone, which is a second blockchain, combined with collected RPG and TCG, which is a new and different way, the P & E environment with Economy's blockchain We will support, and more people will be able to play fun.


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