Tunic by Adventure on March 16th 2022 on PC and Xbox

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Tunic A Taken a lot of Game Awards to announce its release date on March 16th, on Xbox and PC. The adventure game is also visually adorable than excelling in its gameplay. We must be honored in Zelda and Dark Souls, two major inspirations of the title.

Tunic Release Date Trailer | Game Awards 2021 The title has already had the right to several playable demos, the last currently available on Steam and Xbox until December 14th. And if it can be cold at first, being that little loquacious, its visual and sound coating caught up very quickly. It will especially be necessary to show curiosity to discover all its secrets on the road to the small fox. The trailer strongly emphasizing the old-fashioned discovery, without too many indications. We can not wait to see how the progression will be articulated in the game and between the different regions.

Chose on a mysterious beach, armed with your single curiosity, you will face colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful objects and discover secrets lost for a long time.

The synopsis of the game

But caution will be put to apprehend the patterns of different enemies. Because Dark Souls's inspiration is not only cited by the game developer. She was already felt in the demos, with this need to learn to master the rolls to progress. We imagine that the game will have new mechanics unveiled over the boss.


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