This is not a trip, PS1-dual shock shape cushion

ps1 dual shock unboxing

Japanese Clothing Chain Brand Shimmer announced on the 17th, he announced that he was selling a cushion with a motif of play. The cushions, which are designed to obtain official licenses from the PlayStation, featuring the design that reminds the PlayStation, with the design that reminds the PlayStation, the two-piece form of the first pleasure, two dual shock forms, a shapes' logo, There are two kinds of two species, consisting of five types. The price range is 979 yen (about 10,000 won) (about 10,000 won Hanna), 1,419 yen (about 1,800 won), and it will be sold at 9:00 am on December 18, from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Shimmer announced that it would be early in January at the end of January. PlayStation cushions can be seen in the Shimmer Online Store.


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