PSG wins in the trophy: Kylian Mbappé defies laser pointer

Mbappé désigné meilleur jeune - Foot - Trophée Kopa

An C-eleven was in no way, the PSG-Coach Mauricio Pocketing sent to the race despite the clear favorite role and the nearest League task on Wednesday in Lorient. Although Messi was spared and in Dina Bimbo and Xavi Simon's two talents found themselves from the second row in the starting formation, but in addition to the long injured Ramos also played regular players such as Impede, Tract or Mbappé.

The striker pulled out two penalties in the first half — but shot only one of them. The first penalty of the game Mbappé was blinded by a laser pointer from the ranks, but still transformed with a little effort (16th). A quarter of an hour later, after a somewhat flattering whistled, he was at his favor, then Picardi, who completed his task sovereign (31.).

PSG would have been much higher at half-time, and Ramos fired a sideways only just over the lath. Shortly after the break, the defending champion ensured the preliminary decision, Mbappé Finalized a fine combination of Data and Xavi Simon's to 3: 0 (51.). PSG then switched back several gears and put the gait. Who had expected a peat festival, was disappointed?


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