Pokémon: Lucario destroyed marriages - according to community

The Pokémon community has found a new favorite plainly: a Lucio, which destroyed marriages — at least when it comes to the interpreters of the fans. What exactly is about, you will learn here.

New Pokémon cuddly toy gets ingenious advertising pictures

Life-size Pokémon plush toys are becoming increasingly popular, which is why the Pokémon Center now imagines his next creation: Lucio. The Battle / Steel Pokémon has been considered a fan favorite for years. No wonder so that there is now a nearly 120 centimeters cuddly toy from him to buy.

But the best thing about the pictures that The Pokémon Company wants to apply the product. If it goes to the fans, they tell their own story about the almost 370 euros expensive plush toy and his life with the woman in the pictures.

How do you interpret the following pictures?

What is the community thinking?

The captions of the poster make a complete 180-degree turns. In the first picture it just says Descriptively Lucio helps with the washing ash, when the second is Lucio plays Tea Time, in the third, it just waves to say goodbye or welcome. In the fourth, suddenly, Lucio listens to your marriage problems. And under the last photo is Lucio comforting you after your divorce.

The comments also tell a story of pain, comfort and new love. Because by far the most popular theory is to the funny pictures: Lucio is guilt on divorce. Honestly? It is a valid interpretation that the woman would leave her partner or partner for the Pokémon.

After all, Lucio is supposed to have a enormous empathy — probably exceeds the empathy of most people. And on the Internet, there is at least enough indications that sometimes a Pokémon fan would like to have such a relationship with Lucio, as Ash's mother has to be portion — to express it mild with other fan theories.

Awning another Pokémon plush toy has already taken care of marriage problems — or at least a neglected husband — in the past. The memes are still awesome:


Either way, or so are the advertising pictures totally droll and give fans ideas for their own photo shoots of this kind. Someone even means he would like to have Lucio in the background of his streams to let him posing differently every time. If you can relax almost 370 euros and has the place, the plush toy should look at the page of the Pokémon Center.

What your star signs about the perfect Pokémon type for you, you will learn here:


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