Pokémon Diamant & Pearl: Player is the utmost luck and pitch bird at the same time

Again and again Pokémon fans have to decide: plant, water or fire? And at all — which version can it be this time: tennis ball or paintbrush? Most of these decisions can be luckily weighing on the basis of Pro- and Contra arguments. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the following coach who has to face a hard decision and happiness.

Pokémon player has misfortune in happiness

Which Pokémon Are Version EXCLUSIVE To Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?!

Redditor KonUt100 wanted to try in Pokémon Bright Diamond & Glowing Pearl only his Poke Radar for the first time. The gadget should show where exactly Pokémon hide in the high grass. Even iridescent Pokémon, which are very rarely find, are displayed.

A clip now shows the player as he goes for the first time with his radar to the tall grass — and not only one, but are displayed two iridescent Pokémon. Incidentally, the chance to meet a Shiny is in the game at 1 to 4096. How much luck has to have the Redditor so to meet two? The answer: too much for his own well.

Since the other Pokémon disappears as soon as you go into a fight, KonUt100 stands in front of the choice of choice: Which Shiny does he take home? Without knowing which Pokémon hide between the grass, this is a really nasty situation:

What did he decide for?

The video ends unfortunately with a cliff slope, as not shown, for which special Pokémon he ultimately decides. In the comments, however, there is at least the resolution for what Shiny jumped out for him: Begin. The (not quite so) happy coach writes to the water Pokémon saw as Shiny. Ouch.

If the player chose the other Pokémon on Route 222, he could have one of them as Shiny: Magnetic, Magneto, Pastimes, Elect, Win gull, Pepper, Lucio, Mastodon, Charmin, Schnellast or Plumage. For some, however, it depends on which version he owns.

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