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The government focuses on the budget of 6 trillion won in Big 3, the three major innovations such as bios health, future cars, and system semiconductors. In addition, digital conversions are considered to be intensive support for DNA, such as data, networks and artificial intelligence.

The government announced that the 20th in the afternoon announced the direction of the 2022 economic policy, which has announced the direction of the 2022 economic policy and has increased by 43% this year, this year, in the Big 3, which is a new growth engine.

First, the domestic vaccine can be developed by the first half of next year, and strengthens the commercialization of vaccine and export with a full-scale fund of 1 trillion won. Global New Testament and Innovation Medical Devices, Advanced Playback Medical, etc. Expansion of infrastructure for commercialization and promotion of bioproducts.

44 million electric cars, 54,000 hydrogen cars, purchase support and charging infrastructure aimed at 54,000 cumulative spreading. We enforce the purpose of purchasing eco-friendly cars next year and adjust subsidies. In order to reduce the support of the grant, it shall be construed in the first half and 2H. In 2027, Level 4 autonomy commercialization targets to develop core technology,

Strengthen tax support for national strategy technology, including semiconductors for securing core technologies and expansion of semiconductors. Facility investment and R & D provide tax deduction benefits, respectively. We establish a national roadmap in March next year to try a new food with a new supply of vehicles that are experiencing a global supply shortage.

Future innovation infrastructure is also on DNA ecosystem proliferation.

First, design and prepare for major new systems for national data policy committees, data operators, and data traders, for the implementation of the 20022 data basic law. Constructs a 'Name Information Types of Comprehensive Support Platform' so that companies that do not have a passed through a passing system can take advantage of the same name information.

The 5G coverage is expanded to 85 nationwide until next year. To enhance the 5G accessibility of agricultural areas, the 5G network joint use between the carriers will be completed in the first half of 2024 to complete commercialization. 5G Convergence Services Following and working for private proliferation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is excellent in developing the next-generation AI core system of human. Large Korean data is pre-learned in advance to develop Korean large language model technology that can be used in application field.

Post new business, such as metabus, blockchain, also cultivate.

A new era for Compound Semiconductors :Opportunities and Challenges

First, we derive the five core technologies for the realization of met averse services, and present the mid- to long-term metabus technology development roadmap. Strengthen the support of the metabus content by genre, and then trained the development creator of one person through the met averse academy.

The met averse platform that can be used in the main field of national life and corporate activities is also supported. Religion of the relevant system to respond to various social problems that may occur according to the met averse injury.

The blockchain establishes a confidence infrastructure deployment plan to ensure interoperability and interoperability of services that is a public sector blockchain. A block body, a blockchain, which includes a blockchain, a key technology and a fourth-round industry revolutionary technology fusion development, and the like.

The government is a policy that supports a policy finance of about 66 trillion won in the field of new industry innovation growth such as BIG3 and DNA next year.


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