NEW WORLD: What's encouragement?

Inner World are different buffs and status effects that influence your character. A special effect is courage, because there are only for special attacks. We explain to you what it's right with the effect.

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What is courage? According to the official description, courage ensures that you did not get to tumbling at attacks.

In plain language, this means that you can not be interrupted by enemies during the attack or the use of the ability.

However, this is just for this an attack or this is a capability.

Skills and attacks that are used with courage produces a small white effect under the character. You can see that if an enemy can not be interrupted. This applies to both battles in the PVP and enemy NPCs in the EVE.

When is courage especially useful? Skills with courage are especially useful in the PVP, for example if your Stun can not be interrupted, and you get the opponent in any case.

The effect courage, for example, exist at the leg margin at the weapon spear, the whirlwind of the strike ax or in the armament crusher on the hammer.

In addition, all light and heavy attacks have courage with a melee weapon courage if you have chewed 300 strength in the attributes. That's exactly what is perceived by many as too much, especially in the PVP.

The different buffs in New World

What kind of buffs is there still? In addition to courage, there are some more buffs in New World, including:

Hurry — more speed while running Authorization — Increases the damage caused

Purling — away a rebuff Reinforcement — reduces incoming damage

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