Neowiz, NFT,

Neo wiz said it is a joint business to develop and operate a joint venture of Neo play and blockchain, which is a blockchain. Do.

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Neo Fly opens a platform neon (Neo pin), which is a blockchain in 4Q this year, based on its blockchain technology and related service operation know-how. Neo-pin is aimed at providing services that can be used as a number of blocks of services. SEEKING, SWAP, and Yield Farming, such as Differ (DEVI, Data Farming), such as P2E game, non-replaced token (NFT), S2E, Service to Earn, etc. It is a gradual plan.

Realizes take advantage of P2E game services combined with Neogin-based NFT. Browsers, Ava (A.V.A), Golf Impact, etc. Neo Pin Token in the game will be released in the first quarter of next year. In addition, it is a policy to secure a Yeo-jin application game in a variety of games through investors, developers and partnerships.

Meowed officials are convinced that Technology and service experiences with Neo bu and Neo Purple, and the service experience are suddenly changing, I am convinced that I have a differentiated competitive in the NFT market, Neo-based I expect a variety of services to implement my fast seal.


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