Napoli rank 2 - Milan does not understand the Var anymore

After a glossy start of the season, the long attention had found, the SSC was a bit out of the trail and had also lost space — causally heavy legs were after intensive weeks and injury spoken. About defensive chief Koulibaly, Captain Inside or Pilot Summer Simon Broke Naomi before Christmas. The result: two defeats in a row and only a point from the latest three league games.

But the southern Italy still made the best and began in San Sir with a belonging pressure and courage. And that was rewarded: After the guests had surrendered by the Milan's penalty area for a minute, the early 1-0: After a sharp and in the five-metered destination ink corner from the right side, Elma's stole from his somewhat to passive assistant Tonal. What only did it need, was a simple header that has at proximity on the net. Keeper Malignant could do nothing more (5.).

The Crossover in turn needed something to find access to the game. But in the episode, however, more and more, for example after a quarter of an hour, the host was toning. Two attempts from Ibrahimović (17., 18), underlined the ambitions, as well as a strong volley of Florence (34). Defensive also began the defense, only Loan was able to rewrite Romano & Co. from time to time. The closing attempts of the Mexican were all blocked. At the outcome nothing changed until the break.

Milan 0-1 Napoli | A massive win for Napoli at San Siro | Serie A 2021/22

Jessie clients too early — Giroud in a punishable offside?

With the restart, the matter was then a one-sided: Milan continued pressure, increasing this in the final phase even more, while the Neapolitan's continued to retreat, the rooms tightened and the 1-0 managed.

That almost, almost equal to several times, but just almost — among other things desperate IRA with a shot of rotation on a class act of Spin (49.). Junior Messiah also missed his goal scarce (68.). In the final phase then the beams arose in the southern Italian defense, the pressure of the Crossover was immense. But everyone else the once again eager Ibrahimović did not bring the ball in the network under (80. And 83.).

In the 90th minute, however, the spell was broken, but only for a moment when Jessie got the ball after a little more than his colleagues and thundered this approach to the first loudly accentuated compensation into the net. Suddenly, however, the Var reported because Giroud was in the formation in the away. However, the substitute Frenchman did not attack and disabled opponents Juan Jesus. However, the team evaluated the scene differently and decided on the offside (90. + 2) — at least discussion.

So it ultimately stayed at the 1-0 of the guests, which won after three winless series A games again and at the same time jumped into rank 2. While Milan (like Naomi FORTRAN at 39 points) is from third, pleased Master Inter, who has four meters more.


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