Maiden Of Black Water remasterisé pour Nintendo Switch

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It is difficult to deny that Nintendo's direct E3 has been one of the highest projections of this year's E3 event — between the return of the METRO ID former 2D former gameplay in Metro id Dread, L Announcement of the iconic Fighter Taken Gaza Minima joining the list of Smash Ultimate., and our first glimpse of breath of the Wild 2 breathtaking gameplay, it was certainly much more alternated than other presentations throughout the weekend. One of the unique titles revealed was a full-fledged survival horror game, while the Fatal Frame Franchise arrives at Switch with its latest opus: Maiden of Black Water.

The Fatal Frame Series is probably better known for its unique survival horror style — rather than looking for bullets to explode your enemies, fatal frame revolves around the use of a camera to photograph and capture agitated souls. Maiden of Black Water is no exception, with the protagonists Yuri Kolkata, Men Hobo and Mid Kawasaki fucking a path through the Hunted Mountain. Miami with nothing but a flashlight and their camera will obscure. On the way, they will discover the mysteries of the mountain and — hopefully — will find their missing friends.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water  - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch | E3 2021

Initially output for the Wii U, the Maiden of Black Water Switch edition has received a number of upgrades to integrate it into the current generation — improved visuals and reworked game mechanisms that no longer require the controller. Game Wii U, as well as a new photo mode that will allow you to control the positioning, installation and costumes of characters and ghosts to create your own frightening scenes.

Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC Later 2021. However, it will be called Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water in The United States: In Europe, the franchise is called Project Zero.

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