Leitl bangs around Nielsen and hopes for Seguin

Coach Stefan Late White, which comes up to his team on Saturday afternoon: This is a very young team with great potential. The individual class is very high, they play variable and with a lot of pace, especially on both wings. A real challenge for being still victorious team. We are allowed to give you a little room, must defend the depth well and best win the first duel. It will be dangerous if we allow too many switching moments, he said at the press conference on Thursday afternoon. Also, on Florian With in the Leverkusen Center must pay attention to his defensive, he makes very good paths.

After all, the staff has a little relaxed. Metro Willems and Jeremy Dunkirk are available for the starting element for their blesses, and Paul Seguin should return to the squad on Thursday afternoon and Friday with the team. However, the midfielder continued for eight days because of a heavy cold. I do not think his air ranges for 90 minutes, If Late limits, even if generally: If Paul is fit, he plays because he is a very important player for us.

The coach must be the coach around Harvard Nielsen, which a fluffy infection plagues. Stay here to wait if it's enough until Saturday. Good news was Late with regard to Nick Wherever, Gideon Young and Justin Dogma. The defense trio completed electronics units in the square this week, it looks very good. I hope that one or the other will be available to us soon. However, not in Leverkusen, there the remaining defenses must defy the threatening onslaught.


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