Horizon Forbidden West already has an official classification

Every time less time for the arrival of Horizon Forbidden West, it was originally designed to debut this year, but sadly it had to be delayed until the next. These last weeks we have had all kinds of advances related to the anticipated project of guerrilla Games, and on this occasion it is time to talk about its official classification by the ESB.

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST TERLALU CAKEP dan Rumor PS Plus Januari Yang Mencengangkan !! di WHAT'S NEW

As you probably already know, when a game is close to launch, it receives a classification to indicate the type of content we can expect inside it as well as the proper target for your purchase. Well, for Horizon Forbidden West we are talking about a title with a T classification for adolescents, exactly the same classification that the original game received.

This is an Action-Aventura game where players assume Ally's role on a trip to discover the source of a mysterious signal. From a third-person perspective, players will travel post-apocalyptic environments, completed missions, interact with characters, and face enemy tribes and robotic creatures. Users will use reporters, arches, javelins, and spears to kill enemies in a frantic combat. Blood will be seen when you hit human enemies; Blood spots will also be seen under the bodies on certain scenarios. Players can also use Serious Attacks to end the enemies discreetly. The kinematics show additional acts of violence: characters crossed with swords or spears; A character crushed by a statue. The game shows drunken characters; In a scene we see Ally drinking beer from a jar; Several characters are seen by drinking alcohol in taverns. The word 'shit' is said in the game.

In case you missed it, here you can see how it looks horizon forbidden west in its version of PS4.

Horizon Forbidden West Legal A PS5 and PS4 E L February 18, 2022.

Editor's note: It was expected that this game was to receive the same classification as the original. After all, at no time guerrilla said that this would be a more bloody or mature adventure than the original, and the truth is that it would be more to see things such as decapitation or mutilation, especially because the large part of time we will be fighting against robotic beasts.


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