Even under 2G +: Bayern continues the game operation

The Bavarian Football Association will continue the game operation in the coming year even with tightened Corona restrictions. This announced the BFV on Friday. In the event that a game operation should be possible exclusively for vaccinated and geneses, if necessary with additional test, you will continue to continue the game operation Heavy Heart with these framework conditions. But only then really well-prepared when many players and spectators are also vaccinated and bought.

Tiki-Taka Style was Smashed by Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena

The association renewed its vaccination call in the context. We do not know what time the pandemic is still taking in the coming weeks and months. And today nobody can only be reliably to say how much our game operations in the new year are affected by the virus or regulated by state specifications, said It in the message. We have to hope the best, but of course, prepare for the bad.

One wishes no training or playing outdoors under a 2G or 2G-plus scheme, according to the association. The BFV pointed out especially on the younger athletes: In particular, children and adolescents should not suffer from a leisure lockdown; the currently valid exceptions for children and adolescents urgently require an extension.


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