Epic Games, 17th to 15 days a day free game

Epic Games Korea has conducted '15 free game 'events that offer free games on the 17th.

The game of this event is 'Sheng 3', starting the game, starting the game, and you can get a new free game every day by January 1, 2021. The last free game is available for a week, and downloaded games can be downloaded at any time to be permanently downloaded. Information about additional games is united daily.

How To Get 15 FREE Games On The Epic Games Store! (15 Days Of FREE Games)

Epic Games enters large-scale holiday sales that covers Indie and AAA class titles. This discount is located in Pars cred 6, Battlefield 2042, Marvel Guardians of Galaxy, and Kana: Bridge of Spirit, including many indie games such as Bridge of Spirit. Here, the discount application will be paid to the unlimited use of discount coupons, Infinite Presentation Gift Certificates when purchasing more than 10,000 won. The voucher has a value of 11,000 won.

Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chub, said, The Epic Games Store's New Year Event has returned to the' Holiday Sale ', which can receive additional discounts for '15 free games that provide a new free game every day. I hope you can have a pleasure to be more enjoyable for 2021, he said.


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