BVB vs. FC Bayern: Olaf Thon criticizes Mats Hummels and Felix Zwayer

The Bundesliga top game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern made enthusiasm on Saturday night. Ex-world champion Olaf Then also practices criticism — to BVB defense chief Mats Hummels and the performance of referee Felix Player.

In purely top gamey, I felt as a pleasure to watch the two teams in the top game. Here is an inimitable Robert Lewandowski, on the other hand with Erlang Haaland a future champion of world football, as a high pace, grabbing two-fighting and a good game flow, Rocked Then In his kicker column from the summit of the two German top teams.

The BVB had a perfect chance to beat FC Bayern and make the title race exciting, so Then. Unfortunately, however, Mats Hummels on Dortmund page made a lot of false decisions and also bad luck in some moments, wrote the former Bavaria professional.

FC Bayern according to Olaf Tho non title course

The referee performance also took Then's visor: In my view, Felix Player has taken care of its unbalanced decisions for the game in favor of Bayern.

With a close title race, the 55-year-old is no longer expecting: I can only imagine that the Dortmund can approach the Munich again in the course of the season. That has the consequence that Bavaria is straight on her tithing Driving champion titles in series. Who unless you should stay? Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Mönchengladbach I still do not trust that.

RB Leipzig made lubricated, praise for the VFL Bochum

Divemaster RB Leipzig, he saw as title candidates before the season, so Then. I just never thought so to succeed.

Great praise paid Then the VFL Bochum, the newcomer is rightly on table square ten. In the complete contrast to Reuther Fürth, the Consumers always convince again to convince again. They do not win their games happy, but regularly earns. The VFL proves what is possible when certain parameters come together, in the case of the Bochum are the continuity, self-confidence And good people on all levels, wrote Then.


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