Yashin trophy: Donnarumma also overflows Mendy

Donnarumma had a decisive proportion that the Italians took the EM title last summer. In the final against England, the 1.97-meter-hunes even became a penalty hero. At the end, Donnarumma prevailed against Champions League winner Édouard Wendy from FC Chelsea and Jan Black by Atlético Madrid. Manuel New managed it under the five finalists, but became only fifth.

The so far only winner of the Ya shin Trophy awarded for the second time, named after the former world-class goalkeeper LEV Ya shin, is Liverpool-Keeper Alisson. The Brazilian who won in 2019 stood just like the then radio-placed Marc-André TER Steven (FC Barcelona) not only on the shortlist. Only Alisson Landsman Emerson (Manchester City, 3rd place in 2019) managed to choose, but did not win again, but was fourth.

The ranking of the ten best goalkeepers:

1. Giannini Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain) 2 . Édouard Wendy (FC Chelsea) 3 . Jan Black (Atlético Madrid) 4 . Emerson (Manchester City) 5 . Manuel New (Bayern Munich) 6 . Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) 7. Jasper flattering (Leicester City)

Ballon D'or 2019 Yashin Winner Best Goalkeeper for 2018-2019 season 8th. Thibaut Courts (Real Madrid) 8th. Taylor Naval (Paris Saint-Germain) 10 . Samir Bogdanović (INTER)


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