WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results: Updates, Match Card, And Review

Its around. Survivor Series has actually ended for 2021. The November PPV was a blended bag, as well as you can see why in the testimonial below. Nevertheless, if youre just trying to find the outcomes of every match during the event, we have those for you also as well.

There were no significant shocks, and also component of that is due to the fact that there were no championships on the line. And also despite the fact that WWE teased The Rock as well as Brock Lesser multiple times throughout the PPV, neither turned up. It was a little a strange night. The program gathered a clean match in between Large E and Roman Powers, which likewise occurred to be the match of the night. Below, youll locate all the results and a testimonial for Survivor Series.

Much of the evening saw champs from Raw encountering champions from Smackdown to figure out brand name supremacy. Raws WWE Champ Big E faced Smackdowns Universal Champ Roman Reigns in one highly-anticipated match, which liquidated the evening. In Addition, Becky Lynch handled Charlotte. Naturally, there were additionally two Survivor Series elimination tag suits and also a battle royal. It was a stacked card, but it truly didnt provide.

If youre wanting to enjoy a replay of Survivor Series, youll require subscribing to Peacock -- or WWE Network if you live beyond the United States. There is a totally free tier for Peacock; nevertheless, youll require registering for Peacock Costs ($5 a month) or Peacock Premium Plus ($10 a month) in order to live stream the PPV. The distinction in between both is that Premium Plus is not ad-supported. Nonetheless, both tiers of Peacock play the very same stream of WWEs Survivor Series. Furthermore, you can see the Kickoff Show, online, completely free listed below.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 match card:

Raw vs. Smackdown (Mens Survivor Series Elimination Match). Raw vs. Smackdown (Womens Survivor Series Elimination Match). Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Champ vs. Champ Match). Big E vs. Roman Reigns (Champion vs. Champ Match). Retro vs. The Uses (Champ vs. Champion Match). 25-Man Dual Brand Name Fight Royal. Damian Priest vs. Shine Nakamura (Champ vs. Champion Match) [FIRST PROGRAM]

Survivor Series had seven suits on the card, and a number of 5-on-5 removal tag team matches: the mens and womens. For the men, Group Raw will certainly contain Seth Rollins, Finn Valor, Kevin Owens, Austin Concept, as well as Bobby Ashley. Team Smackdown will certainly contain Drew McIntyre, King Woods, Jeff Hardy, Pleased Corbin, and also Shea mus.

On the females side, Team Raw will certainly be Bianca Belief, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella, as well as Queen Celina. Team Smackdown will have Sasha Banks, Shot, Shayna Babbler, Natalya, as well as Toni Storm. Examine out the match card listed below, which will certainly be upgraded as even more rounds are added.

If youre waiting on Survivor Series to begin, you can waste time by paying attention to the most recent episode of GameS pots fumbling podcast, Wrestle Friends. Today, Floor covering Elf ring and Chris E. Haynes predict all the matches for the WWE PPV. Have a look at the episode above.

Below, youll find real-time updates as well as outcomes for Survivor Series as it airs on Peacock. Additionally, there will be an evaluation of each match from the Wrestle Buddies.

First Show.

The Kickoff Show begins at 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT and will broadcast on Peacock, Twitter, and YouTube. Or see it listed below when it broadcasts.

Damian Clergyman vs. Shine Nakamura has been transferred to the Kickoff Program. A 25-man battle royal has been included to the card.

Damian Clergyman vs. Shine Nakamura.

Nakamura wins by DQ after Clergyman hit Rick Books and also Nakamura with Books busted guitar.

Floor covering: I resemble 99% favorable that Rick Books is one of my old Smackdown create-a-wrestlers come to life. Along with being a guitarist who also battles, he plays ripping guitar solos during the match. Currently, thats funny. I do not recognize totally whats happening with Clergyman. I loved him on non-WWE programming, yet he feels a lot more thinned down than he was before.

What Ive appreciated most around this match was Books playing guitar. Whats the factor of it? I dont recognize, yet it sure did place me in a great mood. And Nakamura is simply fantastic to enjoy. Also, when a match is as middle-of-the-road as this, hes so much enjoyable to see do.

While this champion vs. champion battle was boring, the finish was a lot of enjoyable. Books remained to play solos, and also Clergyman had enough. He broke the guitar, hit Books with the remains, then Nakamura, providing Nakamura the DQ win. It was something a bit fresh to complete the round off.

5.5/ 10.

Chris: I like the duo of Nakamura and also Rick Books. It brings me a lot of delight every time, with Rub McAfees shaking out being the cherry on the sundae. On the various other hand, it really feels as though Damian Priests character has been streamlined, making him rather generic. Have they surrendered on the archer of infamy thing?

This match, while theres definitely no storyline factor for it, was amusing. Nakamura is exactly the type of person to get an audience dirtied and also excited concerning whats going on. He should be primary eventing programs, however at least he gets on the card. Like Mat, I dont quite recognize why Nakamura is powered by the guitar of Rick Books, but I like it. What I dont love is the outcome to what was an affordable and also well-wrestled match. Damian Clergyman seemingly turned heel, breaking the guitar and hitting Shine with it.

Look, there will probably be lots of this kind of rubbish tonight to weasel out of declaring one program exceptional. Thats a joke, however. Thats why Survivor Series in this form doesnt function. I miss out on when this pay-per-view was amazing.


Key Card.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Panache.

Lynch wins by pin after holding onto the ropes while pinning Panache-- something Panache tried to do minutes before but got captured by the ref.

Floor covering: With all the talk of Charlottes perspective backstage-- which are all records and reports, mind you-- Im sort of hoping for a Hunk Hogan/Shawn Michaels Summer slam minute where Lynch is overselling Charlotte. Unfortunately we did not get that. Oh, well. A lot more significantly, is Lynch cos playing as Scarlet Witch?

Its unusual to see this be the match that begins every one of Survivor Series, considering its highly-anticipated, however theres now much better means to obtain the group purchased the PPV than these two. Sure, Charlotte does bore me directly-- my thinking why is the same as it is for Chris-- but that just gives me all the more factor to root for Lynch below. And for some reason, Lynch comes off as the underdog, which does not make total feeling, as Lynch is a much a lot more dominant champ and wrestler.

The match itself was dynamite-- other than for a pair of small misses like Charlottes consult miss on the exterior. It finished with Charlotte trying to pin Lynch while holding onto the ropes, getting caught by the ref, after that Lynch doing the exact same thing and also obtaining the win. Its a wonderful little taste of your very own medicine minute for the win.


Chris: Whatever to reports and also rumors, lets be real below. Charlotte Style is as stagnant as they come. Her character hasnt developed a trace in years. Rather, she remains to get additionally lodged in the reality that shes RIC Styles child. Shields RIC Panache Jr. in the ring as well as thats not really intriguing in 2021. Meanwhile, Becky remains to progress-- Lass kicker, The Male, Becky 2 Belts, Majorly Becks. Charlotte said it herself lately, she does not know who Becky is. Thats due to the fact that Becky evolves with the time to remain relevant. Charlotte does not.

???? WWE Survivor Series 2021 Live Stream Watch Along - Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Im genuinely stunned by how dominant Charlotte was early in the match, mainly due to exactly how unearned it really feels. The shine came off that personality quote a while ago, so having her be so leading during a time when shes firing on all cylinders is weird. Once things got competitive, this match kicked right into an additional gear. Seeing them trade impacts and offensive holds is extremely enjoyable. Also, having Pat McAfee endlessly shilling for Charlotte on discourse is rather entertaining. As well as this could be reading as well much right into this, yet it looked like these two were functioning very rigid. If I had to presume, theyre both going to be hurting tomorrow.

Overall, this match was terrific. 2 compelling athletes beating the snot out of each various other. I want it were a little much more well-balanced, but I actually loved the finishing sequence of Becky using Charlottes very own dishonesty ways versus her.

8.5/ 10.

Mens Survivor Series Match.

Group Raw wins after Seth Rollins pins Jeff Hardy.

Floor covering: An unusual means to kick things off as Kevin Owens decided after obtaining identified in to simply leave, obtaining passed over at the same time. A component of me intends to believe he was as well scared to deal with King Woods. I would additionally such as to believe Pat McAfee has a burner Instagram account, so he can such as Austin Theorys pictures multiple times. Again, I love McAfee on commentary. Hes amusing.

Nevertheless, I began shedding a great deal of passion in this when a few of the extra enjoyable characters were removed. Woods as well as Corbin really did not have a great deal of time in the match. Owens just walked away. And theres no genuine story or feeling behind every one of this. The last time Survivor Series really felt like it mattered was when NOT belonged of it, and also then, what does brand name superiority suggest now?

The match was fine, but I never felt really bought what was going on, and thats a little a disappointment, given that modern-day Survivor Series desires fans to select a side as well as ride that train to victory. Yet just how can I select a side in these mens match if I dont feel purchased whats going on?


Chris: Some ideas... I require King Woods to be awarded a brand-new crown. Also, I appreciate that Shea mus is plainly reading out pay-per-view evaluations and also is really leaning right into his Snatch history character personality an increasing number of. I wish I knew what WWE was finishing with Kevin Owens.

The issue with these brand vs. brand suits is shining through once again. The groups are a mix of heels and confronts with no one on the same page. None of it truly serves any type of purpose. Certain, it brings about a kind of amusing chaos, but theres no tale holding it all together. And also the chaos was definitely entertaining, also if particular superstars probably should have lasted longer (How do you give King Woods the boot that early?). If this match did anything, however, it demonstrated how much of a player Austin Theory can be on the major roster. Not only did he last longer than surely any individual expected, he got rid of Shea mus from the match.

Ultimately, these matches have to do with brand superiority as well as its apparent also those included do not care concerning that. Kevin Owens talks out of the match, while Shea mus took out his own companion in Jeff Hardy. If you want us to believe that this fight for brand name preeminence was real, couldnt you have at least attempted?

In the end, Seth Rollins was the sole survivor. It makes the most feeling, I think, considering that hes the most defined as well as highest-elevated member of the WWE lineup thats not a globe champ at this factor. I just want it had actually implied a lot more.

6.5/ 10.

25-Man Dual Brand Battle Royal.

Amos wins after getting rid of 12 people.

Floor covering: This is The Rocks 25th anniversary fight royal, a minimum of thats what the discourse stated. On the entry ramp, there are 2 outing tables with red boxes on them. What is taking place? Wait, its Pizza Hut pizzas? Yes, Im composing this in genuine time as I enjoy it. So Survivor Series is sponsored by Pizza Hut, Red Notice, Draft Kings, and Cricket Wireless, and also streamed on NBC Universals service Peacock. Theyre truly cramming in that income, eh?

Sami Zayn is the only person that has some type of understanding of representing your brand name as well as attempting to win one for the group. Regretfully, Cesar as well as Ricochet disrespected him as well as threw him out. Poor, inadequate Sami.

Look, I liked this match. If such as fight imperial matches. Yet I was increasingly frustrated by the fact it was just a gigantic ad for Pizza Hut. Its like that old KFC commercial where Dolph Ziegler is Colonel Sanders and also The Mid was a chicken, except the match concerned during said commercial was actually part of a PPV occasion.

Likewise, Amos won and didnt get to eat the pizza. What the heck?

5/10 Pizza Hut orders made by a Cricket Wireless phone in the middle of seeing Red Notice after wagering on matches throughout Draft Kings. Additionally, NFTs or whatever..

Chris: This section of the testimonial is likewise offered you by Pizza Hut, even though they have not paid me anything or given me any kind of pizza. What in the world is going on here? This may indicate something if The Rock got on the show, however hes not.

Seriously, what does the winner get? It can not be brand name superiority due to the fact that superstars are assaulting people from their own brands. Will the victor of this match be crowned the brand-new The Rock? Cause if so, my money is on Mr. Charisma himself, Amos.

This was in fact an extremely fun match with some lovely enjoyable eliminations. And equally I suspected, Amos won as well as now will certainly presume the function of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He additionally obtains all the Pizza Hut to himself. Helpful for you, Amos. This entire point was very stupid, despite the fact that it had some enjoyable minutes. But hey, the Road Profits reached throw pizza at the target market as well as that does not enjoy pizza grabbed off of the flooring of Barclays Facility? And Also Pizza Hut, no less, in New York City. The nerve.


Retro vs. The Uses.

Retro victories by pin..

Mat: Matt Riddle is a quite great wrestling, yet Im not a fan of the brother gimmick. Randy Norton is a great wrestler, yet Im not a follower of the default wrestle man/I may be crazy or whatever gimmick. The Uses are a leading rate tag group-- of perpetuity, nonetheless. What you have when you combine every one of this is something Im not bought, regardless of the number of Rios out of no place the match contains-- there was one.

It was a fine match, but I simply never ever really felt that link to any kind of sort of tale-- something I feel like Ive stated a million times tonight until now. One fifty percent of the formula isnt there, as well as after Survivor Series is over, absolutely nothing about this match will certainly matter.


Chris: All there is to say regarding this match can be summed up in how spent we are in it. I like the Uses, I uncommitted for Ranked Retro. Yet I have no interest in this match. So a lot to make sure that I just looked at my companion as well as understood neither people were actually taking note. There are no risks, there is no tale. Its the trouble with virtually every match tonight. It just comes to be a growing number of evident as the night goes on. Retro wins, with-- you guessed it-- an RIO out of no place as Norton captured his opponent coming off the leading rope. We have actually seen that overdone now, however, so its not precisely wonderful. And Also, Rated Retro is absolutely the substandard team, so giving them the win makes no feeling.


Females Survivor Series Match.

Bianca Belief wins for Group Raw..

Floor covering: Shot did not involve the ring in her tank, and also it made me a little sad. Contrasted to the guys match, this seemed like a smoother spell to start. Sure, Carmella went out swiftly since she chose to place on her mask inside the ring when she was legal-- which was very ridiculous-- however after that, were getting some excellent wrestling. The Barclays Center also had a wave going. There were chants for Bianca Belief and also Sasha Banks, and I can not bear in mind an additional minute at night where we had chants-- apart from a This is awesome during Becky vs. Charlotte.

After the Belief/Banks minute, points reduced once again. The group wasnt entirely in it at this moment, besides a couple of minutes like when Toni Tornado entered as well as eliminated Celina Vega. However, this is on the performers, as there were strange awkward moments where points felt out-of-whack. It took place a few times, as well as in turn, the energy for the match was lost. Also, Michael Cole called a power bomb a spine buster, which was odd. Even the commentary team appears lost right here.

It reached a factor where the tale of Bianca Belief handling the participants of Group Smackdown wasnt as intriguing as it ought to have been. Belief as the last enduring participant of Raw, eliminating her rivals, all probabilities against her, should be an A+ story, however by this factor, I do not care, whichs a disappointment. Belief winning is the right phone call, but this didnt measure up to what I wished for.

6.5/ 10.

Chris: No storage tank for Shot, but Queen Celina invested the entire time Smackdowns group made their entrance resting on the leading turnbuckle, royal swing to every person. It was ideal. I still dont fairly recognize Carmellas trick, but she was eliminated so swiftly that it most likely doesnt matter.

Anyway, this match was great, yet didnt truly start clicking until Sasha Banks and Bianca Belief lastly entered the ring with each other. It brought the excitement, the crowd (which was doing the wave) finally returned to life, and also it finally came to be the match we intended to see.

Can we speak about the moment when Sasha was in her edge with Queen Celina, though, and all of her teammates just kinda socialized off the apron gazing at her? The commentary group speculated that Sasha is so intolerable that no one wanted to label in, yet it was an incredibly unpleasant minute where it looked as though every person on Group Smackdown couldnt identify the matchs timing. As well as do not ask me exactly how Sasha Financial institutions was suspended, although she returned to the ring on two separate occasions as well as the referee refused to restart the count.

Bianca was the sole survivor, as it needs to be forever.


Big E vs. Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns wins by pin..

Mat: I had a lot of anxieties with this match. My initial anxiety was that Bork Later will certainly interfere at the end. However, if he appears with Vinces foolish egg, I would certainly be fine keeping that. I also am afraid that The Rock would certainly interfere, primarily because I desire a straight-forward Big E/Roman Reigns match. Fortunately, neither occurred.

What I feel is exhaustion, partly since its obtaining late, partially since this has actually been a very lackluster PPV with means a lot of commercials for numerous items as well as services-- and an egg quest which regretfully will not obtain settled this evening.

Roman is attempting so hard to get the crowd back right into the match, as well as I like him for it. After Roman provided a Rock Bottom, the group gradually returned into it-- and truthfully, I returned into it too. I truly desired Huge E to win this, however Reigns needed the win because its obvious hes being relocated to face Bork Later in a future match-- possibly Mania? This match had some harsh minutes, however it had not been completely Large E or Romans mistake. This was a lackluster PPV which included more advertisements than actual wrestling.


Chris: This is my very first time reviewing a pay-per-view while surviving on the eastern coastline and let me tell you, I want this to be over so bad. It wants 11 PM. How do you east rollercoasters do this each month? Truthfully, the group really feels quite worn out as well. This match was highly expected and these 2 are beating the snot out of each other, however there isnt excessive of a reaction happening.

Its suits such as this where it comes to be clear just how effective Huge E actually is, as he throws Roman around the ring like a rag doll. The offense in this match went back-and-forth, which was enjoyable to see-- as was Romans garbage talking of Brooklyn. If the group is obtaining tired, simulated them as well as theyll return to life. As the match obtained much longer, come back to life they did. This match was simply fun the longer it went on, with Large E showing endless durability versus the head of the table. Whats more, the group was divided on whom they desired to win, with dueling chants for both champs.

Roman Reigns won, which I think all of us knew was hosting likely to occur. That said, the ending was done very well with both males giving whatever they had. This and the womens champs match were the only ones where it actually seemed like there was something to acquire from triumph. So kudos on the opening as well as closing match for sensation crucial.


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