Wonder Woman should defend Planet in a cosmic test in Evolution 1 preview

DCs Wonder Woman tips up once more to conserve mankind in the upcoming limited series Marvel Woman: Evolution. Writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) teams with penciled Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool), inner Adriano Di Benedetto, colorist Jodie Bella ire, and letter Tom Napolitana for this eight-issue series to be launched together with the primary Wonder Woman title.

As an alternate-universe story not set in primary Earth-Prime continuity, Wonder Woman: Evolution starts with Diana being blended away by a mysterious god-like team of planetary entities who serve as moderators of this specific DC Cosmos.

Their task is to maintain all the different planets and species in check-- when one gets a little also far out of line and presents a danger, they interfere, Phillips tells ENSAAMA. Currently, they see mankind as presenting a possible danger not simply to Earth itself, yet to the cosmos. The tale will certainly explore just how they offer to make their decision about humankind and why Diana is the picked proxy.

Inspect out this preview of Wonder Woman: Evolution 1:

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Wonder Woman: Evolution 1 preview

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Blending grand sci-fi with Dianas core renters of mankind, Wonder Woman Evolution will showcase DCs chief Amazon as she has to experience a series of obstacles that will exhaust her both physically and psychologically, in an initiative to encourage these alien courts in this planetary test with the destiny of humankind at stake.

Wonder Woman: Evolution (issue 1, 2021)

... with this I desire readers to actually feel that the universe is larger than us as well as that the danger is being at the grace of these gods, Hawthorne states. I would certainly such as to ratchet up the feeling of having the world in the balance, and also were entrusted to hope our hero is strong sufficient to stand up our world. Hawthorne, Di Benedetto, and Bella ire have shown the key cover to Wonder Woman: Evolution 1, with a variation from Riley Ross mo, who attracts Phillips Harley Quinn run. You can take a look at both covers below:

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Marvel Woman: Evolution 1 covers

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Wonder Woman: Evolution 1 (of 8) goes on sale on November 16.


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