Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug criticizes ex

So loose, as he had remained in his dream gate, Nicolas Fuller also turned to the Sky microphone on the late Saturday night and analyzed the totally difficult situation in which the SV Welder is just before the end of the first round.

After 1: 2 in Kiel, the relegation places are closer than the rise ranks, and so slowly it will be tight, sterilizes Fuller. We have to look where we want to tumble at the end of the season. You have to ask yourself then. It sounds stupid, but of course I would relieve the whole season in place six to ten swimming around. From the square on which we are about Standing, we can exercise little pressure on the teams.

We might just have to go through what we have played the last games. There were already some changes.


His team could not exercise the great pressure in Kiel. So, as it has run and how we played it in the end, it was not always so convincing as it had to be, not always so clear. It has already seen that we are more of a misuse of the team than one, The self-confidence begins. Accordingly, that is somewhere... deserves, I do not know if you can make it deserved. Better, we would have it, I think, can not do.

It was different in any case interim trainer Christian Brand, who replaced the Corona-infected interim trainer Daniel Djokovic. He turned around a four-chain in the defense of a threesome. And thus ensured a few doubts with Fuller. We might just have to go through what we have played the last games. There were already some changes. That's already influencing us.

Filling jug also starts with: That was relatively inflexible

Fuller Next: It was a totally difficult situation, almost more difficult than last week, because last week somehow stood up what we still play. Since we have kept it easy, and then we have changed a lot, and I think so that we have been noted to us. We played for the first time with two sixes, and who knows and persecuted our former coach a bit, knows that this was relatively inflexible. We always played a system, everyone who knew what to do. That was relatively clear. And now new tasks... maybe we did not all implement as perfect as we could have done.

SV Werder Bremen - Holstein Kiel / 1-2 Werder verliert in Kiel unfassbar ????

So Welder now remains eight points behind the relegation plate three. And in the week, in all the forest, in the person of Ole Werner — the fourth coach added, but for the time being probably the last. I just hope we quickly clarify and just get rest to the club, because the headlines you read about us have little to do with football. That's a pity in the last weeks.


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