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In the final of the E-Sport Tournament Blast Premier of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came to the team Vitality players have been rebuilt by the spectators in the arena. Event Caster Chad Spun Bur chill (32) had enough of it and spoke a powerful word.


The E-Sports Tournament Blast Premier has existed since 2020 and lets you compete in two different seasons professional teams in CS: Go against each other. The seasons take place in spring and autumn and run for about 4 months.

In a season there are two phases:

The group phase The showdowns

In the group stage, 12 teams contact each other, consisting of 5 players each. It creates 6 teams in the season final. From the showdowns also come again 2 groups in the season finale, so that there are 8 teams in the final.

Most recently, the winners of the Spring and Autumn Season will contact each other in the global final.

While the tournament usually took place in North America or Europe, the host was Denmark for the Fall season this time. The viewers were allowed to arrive in Copenhagen in the Royal Arena and track the E-Sports tournament live.

Hold your mouth your crazy, real freaks...

How did the semi-final? In the semi-final of autumn, on the 28th of November, these 2 teams approached each other:

Trails from Denmark Vitality from France

Since the team from Denmark was of course supported by the spectators from the Danish capital, they blessed the opponents around Vitality often when they landed a kill at Trails (via Twitch).

When Vitality won against Astral is, the host, Alex Machine Richardson (28) wanted to hold an interview with one of the players from vitality on stage — that led to the audience again.

Then Richardson had enough and directed his word against the viewers:

Hold your mouth your crazy, real freaks. It is Counter-Strike, we come here because of the games together, people. Not because of this policy-enemy. Cheers for your team when you win, but also enjoys counter and fragments. Listen to be on freaks.

The good is: we already have your money anyway

After the interview was led and the Danish team had left, the Arena left the Arena.

Commentator and ex-CS: Nonprofit Chad Spun Bur chill, was happy about it and spoke again a powerful word. He did not mind if it is hired during a match because the favorite team may lose. However, he urges respect as soon as the players are interviewed and have won fairly.

Bur chill wanted to see only Counter-Strike fans in the Arena for the final. He adds:

These guys devote their lives to the game. You come from to talk to you, and you look at her? The good thing is: We already have your money anyway. I hope you have a long snake in front of the parking ticket machine. (...)

Bur chill cried appeal from his co-commentator and the spectators of the LiveStream. During the games, the stream chat also complained about the unfair spectators in the Copenhagen Arena.

So Bur chill and Richardson spoke a fictitious word against the cutting mass and made great for the team around Vitality.

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