The Game Awards: 2021 should offer the largest squad of world premieres and announcements so far

On the night of the 9th to the 10th of December 2021, the Game Awards in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles will take place again. In addition to the awarded games for the best games of the year in numerous categories, viewers are especially looking forward to the announcements and trailers who see it during the show. How to read in the news area of ​​the Epic Game Store, producer and moderator Geoff Kafka seems to have organized the largest line-up in the history of Game Awards this year.

According to the current state, between 40 and 50 games during the show should be shown. The list of previously unknown projects, which are then revealed for the first time with the Game Awards, could therefore be in the double-digit area. Some games should also present what is technically possible with Next-Gen hardware. Mainly the matches shown will appear in the years 2022 and 2023 in the trade.

Game of the Year Award Stage Presentation | The Game Awards 2019 (Winner & Live Orchestra Medley) Geoff Kafka presents the award of the Game Awards for the eighth time. After the show had to go over the stage over the last year as a virtual event, one returns to Los Angeles for 2021 with live audience to Los Angeles. Almost 83 million viewers have followed the Game Awards 2020 — a significant increase compared to the previous year, where you reached 45 million players. The show can be tracked live on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Twitter.

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