The front 퉈 block chain-NFT boarding games... Are you a bubble,

A [child munyoungsu 24 News reporters] game industry naked blockchain and NFT (irreplaceable tokens) to next-generation technology, food appearance. Because the domestic game is bought to convey successively the blockchain game news release announcing the third quarter performance.

The user has the game thanks to the chain block and the game has become a so-called frozen-to-play (P2E) model earnest attention whether settled or end up in a fad to earn money.

The 11th game of the yarns of the third-quarter earnings disclosure is ildanrak, NC soft, Notable, NHN, Pearl Abyss, Com2uS released earnings, including major chains and subsequently blocks the NFT makers has emerged as the main keyword. Even though only beginning to update dudgeon the street vendors who will notice the relevant market.

One day, three-quarter, NC soft (NYSE gimtaekjin) announced the results would have heralded the introduction of the line games early next blockchain and NFT technology. The possibility of such a lineage Block Chaining game based on core IP is to be released jeomchyeo. Hongwonjun NC soft s CFO said, that the current business, technical and legal aspects as a step in the current review are presented to the game NFT applied next year.

Notable (NYSE gwonyoungsik, Lee, Sung — Won) also heralded the blockchain joining market competition. Gwonyoungsik representatives through the Conference Call and continue to develop in conjunction with the blockchain and NFT game, he explained, is scheduled to open early next session lineup will be specifically presented a case related plans.

NHN (representing jeongwoojin) also notice that the hand chain block and attack the camp Remade game market. Jeongwoojin NHN representative based on high performance Remade is shown in the global market has worried the genre collaboration with NHN can do better and specifically for the direction of expanding the global services based on the genres that NHN is good at sports of the plan, he said.

Place in the camp, also known Com2uS NFT as Summoner Jews. Com2uS is ahead of the launch next year: plans to apply the blockchain system in the Summoner Jews Chronicle. Grant all users the right to own the blockchain based on game items and goods acquired during game play, the effect that give you the freedom to trade. I notice the name change to Com2uS Holdings Gametic is also embarked on a policy to market to issue a C2X token of governance.

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블록체인 개발자 청원 밸브 Pearl Abyss (NYSE jeonggyeongin) was also declared the NFT advance. In particular, a subsidiary of Pearl Abyss CCP Games is something the company explained that seeking business opportunities, such as giving the password to money winning product on the PC online game EVE Online Alliance Tournament of the e-sports.

Disclose the famous Sunday Tod (NYSE gimjeongseop) 3 quarter results as Fenian and stressed he would come up with a game Tuesday NFT spindle casual games, including puzzle.

There was thus the major buying this game update announced the Block Chaining game plan Remade (NYSE janghyeonguk) comes out this analysis does not without performance impact of Verdun in the global market. Build a mix up its own platform and blockchains operating in the relevant market early Remade is a showcase for the past eight mobile games Mir 4 interlocking block chaining January on global markets rallied tangible success.

The company has to be converted from a 4-Mir Herschel materials used items such as NFT strengthen reconciliation cryptocurrency Draco. In Draco is available for sale in the virtual assets, such as the exchange blossom then converted to the above mix to won coin. My one good game to accumulate a count one instantiation of the P2E game market to earn real money. Furthermore, Remade is a helical state in the above mix ecosystem expansion aims to launch 100 Block Chaining game that mixes up a reserve currency by the end of next year. The motivation spirit born of the blockchain platform.

Such concerns are expected to be key players might have a new business model called P2E a notice of the chain block game entered the simultaneous settlement in earnest.

Meanwhile, the game industry is a user initiates a monthly fee to pay a certain amount and enjoy the game itself has achieved a partial charge to play for free but pay to buy the item states. On the other hand P2E is more to enjoy the game as it is key that the user NFT Hahn game items can make real money, etc. to deal with cryptocurrency DESE There are differences that can accumulate real goods.

However, there are challenges that must be overcome Block Chaining game does not limit the distributor in Korea. Game Rating Board is a situation that is not giving way to domestic deliberations of the Block Chaining game meandering concern Tuesday reason. This domestic companies are scrambling to respond to markets around the international market. 4 of Mir Global Remade also be unavailable for domestic standing.

Future outlook staggered. It comes out negative observations P2E game Wiseman blockchain and NFT will cease at the time the fad will be a new trend.

Above sine Korea Game President of the society (Chung Ang University) is out while watching the game would take place as P2E alternative model that saw the scale is not going to expand rapidly. He can go P2E game will not enter the domestic foreign side is also P2E gamers, most users of the developing countries, mainly to exchange the coins having a user pool said, the long term, but Lineage as the series to one trillion won is not Jungian same degree of a certain level will be, he predicted.


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