Tell me: How important is you a good character

In MMORPGs, the players hatch in the rollers of heroes, adventurers or a figure, which simply wants to take it with the evil. In general, you can customize the appearance of this character according to your wishes. But not every character editor goes great in detail. We from Mango want to know how important you are such an editor.

What character editors are there? One of the first content every player experiences from an MMORPG is the character editor. However, that can be very different.

Black Desert For example, in his editor offers pretty much everything the heart desires:

You have the selection of several faces, hairstyles and body shapes Almost all areas on the body have their own sliders in which they can adjust the size and shape You have the choice over 256 different colors for hair and 40 for the eyes However, everything remains realistic in the proportions

On the other hand, there are games that offer you very few settings. This is about New World. There are only selected prefabricated faces, hairstyles as well as colors for hair and eyes are only a few. Slider To adapt the body shapes, there is not at all.

The third kind of character editor goes into particularly extreme. Here you can customize all sizes and shapes at will, whether that's logical or not. A special example would be Leagued of Maidens.

However, some MMORPGs also do without an editor, such as the new lineage 2 m. Here only the choice of class changes something to your appearance. However, all members of the same class have the same appearance, which is adjusted only by the geared armor.

The Ideal Body: How our Body Shapes our Character How important is you a good character editor?

You can vote: You can submit your voice as always in the survey tool below. Consider that you can only meet your choice once, and you can not undo it.

Also, gladly writes a comment on what you particularly value. Does it have to give many sliders like in BDO or are a slimmed-down version as in New World? Does it have to be realistic, or may it be turned off? We would be happy to receive your comments.

In connection with the character editor, there is just criticism of Lost Ark. In the western version, the characters should have less liberally and also darker skin options than in Russia or Korea:

YouTuber says: Amazon censored and changed MMORPG Lost Ark strong in the west


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