One year ago World Cup in Qatar: Journalists arrested

Two journalists of the Norwegian state television NRL have been held in Qatar of security forces for over 30 hours. In addition, footage has been deleted, which she had recorded in a working migrant camp, as the Norwegian authorities announced.

According to reports, Eke land and Woman Guarani were arrested after they reported during a live reportage about the situation of guest workers in front of the 2022 football championship.

UPDATE: Norwegian journalists arrested in Qatar | Pressure on World Cup plans | Philippe Auclair Start's government shared with, both of which had been custody on Monday morning because they had a private property unleashed and filmed there. The arrest was followed by a complaint of the property owner. The two were released without charge after the conclusion of the legal measures without charge. They would have violated the law knowingly and intentionally. You have been given all the shooting permits that you have registered before your arrival, the Cater government explained.

On Wednesday morning, Eke land and Guarani landed back in Norway. It's very good to be home again, Eke land said, The days were challenging, but we knew many for us.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gar Store explained that the arrest of the two is unacceptable. A free press is crucial for a functioning democracy, wrote Store on Twitter. This also shows how important this year's award of the Nobel Peace Prize (on journalists) is. I am very glad that Favor Eke land and Woman Guarani were now released. Both the Norwegian journalist union and the Norwegian Football Association criticized the arrest of the journalists.

Amnesty International had criticized in a report published in the previous week again widespread violations of the rights of work migrants one year before the beginning of the World Cup. Qatar do not reform, do not monitor their implementation and do not pay responsibilities for violations. Thus, working migrants continue to receive unscrupulous employers. In the past decade, thousands of them had been exploited and died on the construction sites of Qatar.


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