NEW WORLD: Trailer introduces you the update insolifully more precisely

Yesterday Thursday, November 18, 2021, the developers released the long-awaited for many fans Update 1.1 for the online role-playing New World, which brought numerous interesting innovations. One of the highlights are the so-called ominous gauntlets. It is a new weapon style that scales both with intelligence and concentration and thus represents the perfect complement for healer characters. The cuffs can share damage, but also serve the support of your comrades and CC magic.

Furthermore, the November update brought Urchin from New World (now €39.99) some new quests for the starting area with themselves as well as the Lagrangian knights as new opponents. This lurks mainly in the southeast of Sternum on you and can occur in various variants in action. They are heavily armored and cracking according to tricky. In addition, you can look forward to additional faction missions for the PVP, a tempo boost while traveling on roads and a variety of bug fixes and optimizations. Amazon Game Studios has even taken the graphics of New World in some places again to breast and revised them. The full patch notes can be found in our previous message.

The team is currently working on their own statements to further updates and smaller fixes. However, it is not known yet when exactly these appear and what changes they bring with themselves. Maybe one of the smaller patches is about the youngest item Dupe.

From André left author 19.11.2021 at 08:25

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