NEW WORLD now attacks gold

Inner World already existed some exploits in which players could duplicate gold or items. These dupes are a danger, especially for the economy of new MMORPGs. But Amazon insured: We have 98% of all shameful benefits from the game again.

What has it with the dupes? In New World, trading between players and Tale transfer is generally disabled. The reason for this is a new dupe, so the possibility to duplicate something with tricks.

This time it s about items on the Housing, which duplicated with simple tricks and then sold for a lot of gold.

Previously, there were already dupes over which gold were generated.

What makes Amazon, on the other hand? The developers of New World now go more against this cheater, as they betrayed in the forum. So should:

Already on 2 November more than 1,200 players should have been permanently suspended Well, on November 15, 460 blocks came again Amazon also says they could remove 98% of the duplicated items and duplicated gold. The remaining 2% should be created by mistake, which is why there are no penalties

New World was completely broken today - Dupes, Crashes and more The developers also said that Exploit should continue to expect permanent banns in the future. There was also an insight into the economy of New World and what impact the dupes had.

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Over 90% of the players on Level 60 do not have a single max item, despite dupes

What did the developers revealed the economy? The dupes should have not raised a major influence on the entire economy so far, although some dupes also relate to the legendary void bent armor.

In a graphic, the developers showed how many players on stage 60 so far have an item with the maximum armor 600:

Just over 90% do not own armor to 600 9.1% at least one item Only 2.4% of all players on level 60 are fully equipped with equipment to 600

Dupes are still a risk: Although Amazon has removed 98% of duplicated gold and duplicated items after their own statement, there is always a risk due to such dupes.

Because additional gold can lead to an inflation and thus problems in the economy. Everything is more expensive because there is more gold, but the gold is unevenly distributed, namely too large parts of those who cheat.

If at some point it will not succeed in tracing the dupes, server rollbacks can threaten. This is especially true of the fair players who then get their progress reset, though they did not do anything wrong. So far, Amazon could avoid this Superman.

What do you say about Amazon s measures? Are permanent locks justified and are you surprised that they could remove 98% of the hoped objects?

While there are troubles with the dupes, the new patch, however, ensures much anticipation:

New World: Update 1.0.6 comes this week — what do we know about the patch notes?


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