New World: Maintenance work Today comes to an unfavorable time - how long remain the servers down?

INNER WORLD is today the big patch 1.1 to be recorded with the maintenance work. The server down comes from a German point of view at a bad time. We From Mango tell you everything about the server down and how long the maintenance will last.

Update 17:55: Maintenance is over and all servers are about 5 minutes before the regular end online.

Which update is being recorded? Today the patch 1.1 appears with the title ins disaster. He brings the new weapon of clinical gauntlets, new opponents, new quests and a number of customizations at the game. The complete patch notes can be found here:

New World brings big patch 1.1 with over 100 adjustments — patch notes

When are the servers go down?

The patch 1.1 will be launched at 14:00 in German on 18 November. Then the maintenance work is started. Maintenance should last about 4 hours. At 18:00 of our time, the server down should be over.


However, there were already significant extensions on maintenance for earlier updates. At the worst time, we had to wait almost 9 hours on the return of the servers, although only 4 hours were announced.

Should this bloom again in view of this big update, the server could make exactly the Prime Time in Germany.

We from Mango will keep you up to date on any extensions of maintenance in this news.

Patch 1.1 brings the first new weapon and some adjustments

What is in the update? The highlights of the new patch are above all:

Ate s are:

The new weapon of clinical gauntlets The new opponent types in the form of the Lagrangian knights, but also new models such as swarmers, beetles or pirate alligators New quests in the starting area

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What do you say about the chosen period for the server down? And are you calculating with a longer downtime by the size of the update?


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